Neighborhood Watch

We are apparently part of a neighborhood watch program here. Okay, it's most family watching family maybe...

We've jokingly compared our antics to those of my folks (and probably many others out there). Both of our computers sit side-by-side in front of windows that face the street. That affords us the opportunity to notice comings and goings of people and notice cars we're not familiar with--Things like that. We also mumble things that old people do. You know, things like, "Those boys are going to get into trouble riding them durn mini bikes back and forth like that." Those kind of comments are usually followed by a click of the tongue or shake of the head.

The same sort of thing happens when we go by Denny's house on the way here. They live 5 doors down on the other side of the street as I've said before. If they go by our house (they sometimes loop around from the other direction on purpose) they toot their horn. If we go by their house we toot our horn. It's just a little something we do.

Saturday we were out shopping for things, and one of the things we bought was a new dorm fridge for Sarah. It was in the back seat of my car and easily visible sitting there behind me. As we do so regularly, we tooted the horn as we drove by the kids' house, saying 'hi' and letting them know we're back home. We're home for just a couple minutes and had just opened a beer and sat down when Suzie gets a text message from Denny:

"What's in the box?"

We cracked up. You just don't expect that level of observant, you know? After exchanging a few text messages back and forth but still offering nothing of an answer, curiousity ate away at them and they sent Denny up to see what it was. Just for fun Suzie went out and threw a big blanket over it while it sat in the car. I think he felt a little disappointed when he found out it was nothing exciting.

It was a good weekend to get stuff done. The weather was decent (albeit a little on the muggy side) and we got things done that we needed to do. The pile of wood that we bought with our wood stove last Monday is finally all stacked behind the garage (a lot of wood!), the radiator I bought for Suzie's car a few weeks ago is finally installed, and we replaced some house cabling and a splitter that was causing our internet to come and go.

We also are on track to getting our wood stove installation underway. We've decided on "slate look" ceramic tiles for a base to put our wood stove on, and Suz is going to pick them out today. We need to get that installed so we can sit around all winter in our underwear fanning ourselves!


Sue Z Q said...

So we can leave our underwear on?